Sophia bush and ian somerhalder dating

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Sophia bush and ian somerhalder dating

(The supposed tweet has since been deleted.) But, according to People, the RYOT COO tweeted: ""I've been off the market for 2 yrs!The photo itself isn't really telling at all — considering it wouldn't be so random and doesn't necessarily imply romance for two longtime costars to go bowling together on a Sunday. More or less, there seems to be little truth to the fact that Dobrev and Trevino are anything more than friends, but a quick Google search of who the actress is dating, pulls up a legion of articles claiming that the costars are sleeping together to claims that Dobrev dumped him because she was so jealous of Somerhalder and Swenson.Sometimes the on-screen chemistry between two people can make you think, "OMG those two should totally be together in real life!" Well, here are 7 times when those on screen couples were actually getting it on IRL... Heath Ledgers burn-out Patrick dates Julia Stiles' Ice Queen Kat all for a couple of bucks before falling for her fo' real.Working with a former flame is almost always difficult.But can you imagine if you had to act alongside your celebrity ex?These singers and actors have broken up with a significant other and then had to make amends in order to perform together.

Unfortunately for all Vampire Diaries-loving fans, Dobrev and Somerhalder seem almost as likely to get back together as the recently broken-up Elena and Damon.Their on-screen chemistry was so palpable that its no surprise these two got it together when the cameras weren't rolling. An odd pairing, but nevertheless these two fell in lurve on set and even got engaged in 1999. This genetically-blessed couple sizzled together on and off the screen.Rumour has it that Zellweger gave Carey an angry ultimatum which resulted in their split in 2000. They dated for three years throughout the show, before breaking up and getting back together again.How do Delena and their real life counterparts keep up this on-again-off-again charade when they're so obviously destined to be together?Last week, Somerhalder was linked to Molly Swenson, a former American Idol contestant who is now the COO of a site that links posts to philanthropic action sites, when they attended multiple events together in Los Angeles.

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