Pornsex america

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Pornsex america

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People are more likely to become a pornosexual by watching X-rated material frequently as it desensitizes the brain and body, according to sex addiction therapist Christene Lozano.

Because Hua Mei has been in captivity since she was born, she has not had the chance to observe the natural course of panda reproduction in the wild.

So officials have shown her videos of mating pandas and taken her to see other pandas copulating, according to the report.

The 4-year-old animal, whose name means "China-America," arrived in China from San Diego in February.

Now that her month of quarantine is complete, officials are hoping she will quickly mate with a panda at her new home, the Wolong Giant Panda Protection Research Center in southwestern China. But first of all, she should have some sexual education," said Wei Rongping, assistant director of the research center, quoted by Xinhua.

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