Who is richard armitage dating

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Who is richard armitage dating

After gaining skills LAMDA, he came back with the Royal Shakespeare Company's productions of Macbeth, The Duchess of Malfi as a supporting actor.

co-star Richard Armitage have been rumored to be an item at least since January, when Ian Mc Kellan inadvertently outed a few of his co-stars in an interview with a German magazine.I always assume that two stars being together will neve end well.I saw LP's movie once before and The Hobbit, but I barely heard of RA besides The Hobbit. LP has some exs before RA and seems fine maybe becasue he lives in a glass closet. He seems kind of werid to me maybe becasue he turns to pretend to be straight over the years and always lying about his sexual orientation by picturing a fictionary girlfriend , or some actress he had crush on, or he is single when he was actually dating LP. (there is rumor that he also lies about other thing or lie to the fans idk.) Well maybe some gossip about LP or Richlee would be great.Discussing how Hollywood had changed for gay actors since the first there were: two of the dwarves, to Luke Evans, Stephen Fry [and] Lee Pace.” Pace has long been the subject of gay rumors but hasn’t spoken about his personal life to the press.(Evans went back in the closet.) But what about Armitage, who plays dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield?

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Photos have surfaced of him with Pace on the red carpet—not too suspicious for co-stars—but other snapshots are a bit more personal.

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