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Cannibal dating site

It was very definitely like that, and it was not like any other meat I had ever tasted.bones sporting signs of being gnawed on by other humans.However, the infant had only one complete bone (a shoulder blade, or scapula) that did not show signs of cannibalism, the researchers said.

But proving what anthropologists call 'anthropophagic practices' within ancient cultures is no simple task.From an evidence-based perspective, signs of cooking could sometimes be the result of normal funerary practices, or even just the wear and tear of the remains as they slowly move about over the millennia. there are dismembered human remains with cut marks associated with secondary burials," the researchers point out in their recent paper.It's important not to jump to conclusions too quickly, given in some cases bodies were dug up, cut up, and buried in pieces without being served with a side of rabbit.Günzel had cut the body into small pieces in a slaughter chamber he built in his cellar, before burying them in his garden, the court found.There was no evidence that he ate any part of his victim.

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Many of the adult bones show signs of having been cut and hammered with stone tools, heated, and possibly bitten by other humans, and were found scattered among the remains of other animals, such as ibex and red deer.

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