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Www onspeeddating com

However, once the number of comedic notches on my bedpost reached double-digits, I had to at least consider the possibility that my chucklefucking tendencies were not entirely coincidental. So do I actually have a "thing" for comedians, or do many of the men I dig just happen to be comedians?

February 14 has a way of reminding everyone without a date just how single they really are."The more singles you meet, the more likely you are to hit it off with someone.by amber soletti (New York City, NY) New Years Eve Singles Party Celebrate New Year's Eve 2011 with SINGLE AND THE CITY! (So much so that some have come to call it Singles Awareness Day.) But that doesn't have to be a bad thing.After all, singlehood can be a sign that you've made time for yourself, said no to people who weren't right for you, or ended a relationship that wasn't working..that's something to celebrate."The worst thing a single can do on Valentine's Day is stay home, sitting on the couch in sweats with a pint of ice cream watching a Lifetime movie feeling sorry for yourself," says Amber Soletti, cofounder of On Speed and Single And The "Being single on Valentine's Day is much better than being in a relationship," she adds. Being in a relationship, you always have expectations, which are rarely ever lived up to."Here are some ways to remember that being alone on Valentine's Day does not mean you're missing out—and to make sure you miss out on all the fun the holiday can offer.1.

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Unlike groupies, this is not an accomplishment I actively pursued–I just happen to know a lot of comics and I'm kind of slutty. ) was slightly embarrassing, I have to admit; this isn't the worst idea.

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