Autocad updating indexes for block catherine reitman dating

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Autocad updating indexes for block

Please refer to my question about possibly having the xref being accessed from a different location.If so, I don't think this file is the problem, something has happened between this and the drawing referencing it.What kind of changes are you making that aren't showing up in the other drawing?

Besides the ability used to modify block, there is one more interesting about this method.

If you use one of the vertical products, the Built On version will be listed as O.107.0.0 Auto CAD 2018.1 Update. When installed it shows up as version in the list of installed updates in Windows.

New Feature and Feature Enhancement Summary The following table summarizes the new features and enhancements provided in this Update.

The way to check is to go into your other drawing that referencing the xref, go into your xref dialog, select your xref name and look at the bottom to see the path it's getting it from.

In case it makes a difference, try setting INDEXCTL to zero.

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After modify to completely, you must click on SAVE icon and click on Close Block Editor icon from ribbon. When working with block editor, coordinate (0, 0) is the insertion point.